Australia’s only working wine co-operative

Harvest Grower Co-operative

or put simply… Harvest Wines is an Australian grower cooperative from Northern Adelaide Hills. We work with the local agricultural experts to provide an opportunity to create wine in a profit share model that benefits the grassroots of our industry

Our winery and our region…

Unico Zelo is based in the Northern Adelaide Hills, where it’s approximated that 70% of all ‘Adelaide Hills’ branded wine is grown. In our alpine ‘subregion’ – there are 2 wineries. Only 2! We’re one of them. If you were to consider the amount of fruit grown here, and the average size of the typical South Australian winery, there should be close to 300 operating brands in this geographical location.

The growers in the Northern Adelaide Hills area are large – and they typically have some pretty large wineries as customers from satellite wine regions. These customers have a particular method of dealing with growers. They contract out the vineyards, own the fruit and can determine what happens with the crop each year. Whether that means they have the option to buy or reject the fruit each vintage. Farmers are left with an uncertainty as to whether they will be able to cover their costs each year. This also acts as a deterrent in farming which has an impact on South Australian fruit production.

All of this hasn’t served our local growers all too well; especially through a spate of tough ‘grower’ vintages:

•    2011 – Severe Rain – 80% downgrade in price.

•    2012 – Flow-On Effect of 2011 – 50% reduction in yield. 0% reduction in price.

•    2013 – Severe Frost – 30-60% reduction in yield. 15% reduction in price.

•    2014 – Erratic Weather for Stone-Fruit Harvest – No Pollinators – 40-70% reduction in yield. 15% reduction in price.

•    2015 – the rains finally came and gave fruit to a bumper crop. Most growers were to see most of their loans paid off, when at the last minute – the Northern Adelaide Hills was hit with one of the worst South Australian bushfires in recent memory. If the fires didn’t singe the vines, the berries were affected by smoke taint – unfit for winemaking – many saw a 100% reduction in yield, and have since closed up shop under financial duress.

This doesn’t mean that the wines from these vintages are bad – 2012, 13 and 14 were some of our all-time best vintages! But only from the winemaker’s perspective…

Does That Mean This Is All 2nd-Grade Fruit?

Absolutely not! The wines have to stack up, they’ve got to be good…

We also run a distillery under Applewood Distillery – we can offer to growers a third pathway to market, purchasing fruit that isn’t suitable for Harvest (at a profit to the grower), and turning it into non-perishable, high-quality spirit that can be used for other beverages we craft, or even on-sold to cleaning, automotive or cosmetics industries… it’s all part of a larger system

How does our Harvest Wine Grower’s Co-op work?

We aim to change the hardships for growers in our region by creating Australia’s only wine production co-op. Any grower in our sub-region (5km radius around our winery) can be a part of the Harvest Grower’s Co-Op.

Instead of selling their grapes for bottom-dollar, they donate them to the Harvest label, and we donate in kind – winemaking, branding, bottling, distribution, sales and marketing. Then we deliver back 50% of the profit. The only bills that are split is the packaging – but only at the point of payment: so no cashflow detriment.

What do the farmers receive from the Co-op?  

Currently, growers in our area average between $900 to $1500 per tonne with an approximate cost of growing between $600 to $1000 per tonne depending on the vintage.

The Harvest Wine Grower’s Co-op project (and we’ve proven this over the last 12 months) – we’ve been returning to our growers between $4500 to $5500 per tonne for their grapes, of which between $3500 to $4500 is profit. 

Our growers are now incredibly sustainable and not at the whim of large single customers that dictate the rules to them. All they have to do – is what they do best – grow bloody good grapes. Except now they can invest in better equipment, staff and even expand their assets.

What do we do with our share?

To date we’ve issued $30,000 worth of grower-first investment initiatives – paying it forward for growers to re-plant to sustainable Italian varieties for our future of wine production in Australia.

Why Italian varieties? They are better for the Australian landscape and climate as they essentially can be rain fed. Because of this initiative, we have now established multiple hectares of Fiano and Nero d’Avola in the Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley.

And in as little as 12 months, we have managed to forge stronger bonds and relationships than other companies have done over the course of a decade or more… that in itself is worth the time and effort.

We’re proud to be offering an opportunity to support our community and produce amazing wines while we are at it

Brendan & Laura Carter



Easter Holidays – Delivery arrangements

Easter delivery

Dear Valued Customer

We would like to inform you the following special arrangements for deliveries before Ching Ming Festival & Easter holidays:

For Deliveries on or before 3rd April 2017 (Monday) Cut off time/date for order placement will be 3pm on 30th March (Thursday). Any orders received after that will be delivered on or after 5th April (Wednesday).

For Deliveries on or before 13th April 2017 (Thursday) Cut off time/date for order placement will be 3pm on 10th April (Monday). Any orders received after that will be delivered on or after 18th April (Tuesday).

We thank you for your support and wishing you a happy Easter holiday!

First Women of Wine Festival

This month, we joined fellow businesses ran by women and celebrated with wines made by women.  Thank you to Debra Meiburg MW and her team for putting together a great evening that drew 300+ wine lovers to the festival.

We had the pleasure to present wines from 4 wineries that involved women winemaker or owner.

  1. Grace Gris de Koshu – Japan (Ms Ayana Misawa, chief winemaker)
  2. Hunter’s Pinot Noir – New Zealand (Ms Jane Hunter, owner)
  3. Millton Opu Vineyard Chardonnay – New Zealand (Mrs Annie Millton, owner)
  4. Johanneshof Gewürztraminer – New Zealand (Ms Edel Everling, winemaker)


We were over the moon to introduce Japanese Koshu to the majority of the guests.  Most were pleasantly surprised by the fresh, clean wine which offered a nice dose of healthy acidity; which just leads you to the next mouthful.  Beautiful on its own and perfect match to the freshest sashimi.

Gewürztraminer certainly has its appeal to women in particular – it’s like liquid lychee in a glass and Johanneshof is a classic!  The aroma alone teases you to take a sip and the initial fruit sweetness in fact finishes clean and very well balanced.  We all wish more people will appreciate this variety and it is the medicine to combat spicy Szechuan cuisine.  Not to mention this wine has good ageing potential.

More in pictures from the evening:

Actress & winemaker – Bernice Liu

Master of Wine – Debra Meiburg

Director of Wine, Swire Group – Yvonne Cheung

Head of our company! Lillian Haynes chairing one of the seminars with Emma Gao, Anna Thompson, Angelina Kwan

Special Christmas and New Year Delivery

We would like to inform you the following special arrangements for deliveries before Christmas & New Year’s Eve:

For Deliveries on or before 24th December 2016 (Saturday)
Cut off time/date for order placement will be 3pm on 19th December (Monday).
Any orders received after that will be delivered on or after 28th December (Wednesday).

For Deliveries on or before 31st December 2016 (Saturday)
Cut off time/date for order placement will be 3pm on 23rd December (Friday).
Any orders received after that will be delivered on or after 3rd January (Tuesday).

THANK YOU and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017!


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MOA - Year of Beer - Tent Card 125 x168 mm


Win Year of Beer is simple to enter.
1) Post a Photo here of you and your friends enjoying MOA Beer
2) Hash tag the venue and ‪#‎MOAYearOfBeer‬
3) Click on the Sign Up Link above and fill in your details.

Simple! You are in the draw!

Terms and conditions
You must be over 18 years of age to enter
Entries must be received before midnight on August 31.
Prize is 365 bottles of Beer Or Cider
Prize is delivered 24 bottles per month, 48 bottles in November and 78 bottles in December.
You may choose which beer or cider you want to receive or we can choose for you.
Draw will be held at the Northeast office on Thursday September 1st and the winner will be notified by email. Results will be published on this Facebook page on Friday September 2nd.
The prize can not be transferred or exchanged for cash.

Easter holiday delivery arrangements

Dear Valued Customers

Re: Cut-off dates for Easter Deliveries

We would like to inform you of the following special arrangements for deliveries before Easter holidays:

For Deliveries on or before 24th March 2016 (Thursday)
Cut-off time/date for order placement will be 3pm on 21st March (Monday).
Any orders received after that will be delivered on or after 29th March (Tuesday).


Special arrangements for Hung Hom, Mongkok, Tai Kok Tsui & Southern district deliveries before and after Easter holiday: 

For Deliveries on 21st March 2016 (Monday)
Cut-off time/date for order placement will be 3pm on 18th March (Friday).
Any orders received after that will be delivered on 29th March (Tuesday).

For Deliveries on 29th March 2016 (Tuesday)
Cut-off time/date for order placement will be 3pm on 24th March (Thursday).
Any orders received after that will be delivered on 1st April (Friday).

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a happy Easter holiday!




如要在324星期四)或之前 送貨
請提前於 321日下午3時前(星期 落單通知,


請提前於 318日下午3時前(星期 落單通知,

請提前於 324日下午3時前(星期 落單通知,

謹此多謝 長久以來的支持,並祝願復活節快樂!

Chinese New Year Delivery Arrangements

2016-CNY-greeting-WNT-400Dear Valued Customers

Re: Cut-off dates for Chinese New Year Deliveries

We would like to inform you the following special arrangements for deliveries before Chinese New Year:

For Deliveries on or before 5th February 2016 (Friday)
Cut off time/date for order placement will be 4pm on 1st February (Monday).
Any orders received after that will be delivered on or after 11th February (Thursday).

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a Prosperous Chinese New Year 2016 !



如要在2月5日或之前 送貨,請提前於 2月1日下午4時前 落單通知,


New Arrivals in March


PONGRACZ – The MCC, South Africa

There are a great many things that need to come together to compose a single bottle of Pongrácz. Noble varietals, knowledge and craftsmanship are just a few of the pieces of an ensemble that, once in play, forms the symphony that is one of South Africa’s finest Méthode Cap Classiques.

But Pongrácz is not just about the art of winemaking. It’s about the character, charisma and skill of the man who inspired a crescendo that has grown into the country’s most adored Cap Classique. It is no small wonder that the Cap Classique that bears his name stand head and shoulders above the rest. Composed in the classic French tradition of the noble grape varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Pongrácz is a fine testament to the man who inspired it.

So the next time you sip on a flute of Pongrácz, spare a moment to think of the genius whose noble character, tenacity and wit served as the inspiration, and whose life’s work made it all possible.

Fincas Valdemar








Fincas Valdemar is the new range of Valdemar wines. Fincas Valdemar is Jesús and Ana Martínez Bujanda’s project to produce wines from different appellations with the Valdemar style and personality.

They have sought out the best regions and soils in order to make wines of the very highest quality, preserving the essence of each zone but following the guidelines and applying the know-how of this family which has been making wine since 1889.

Fincas  Valdemacuco Roble, with 5 months of oak ageing,  is our particular way of understanding and interpreting Ribera del Duero with a distinctive, original, very personal wine. An elegant  tempranillo with lots of life and expressiveness.

The range is completed by Fincas Valdemacuco Crianza, that seduces us with its toasty notes, the creaminess and a long aftertaste.

Surely a wine capable of showing off all the essence of the Ribera del Duero.

Perfect Valentine’s Day – Lanson Pink & White Label Champagne

Unveiling Lanson’s new limited edition Pink Label; decorated with sparkling hearts that reflect the brand’s bold, creative spirit.  It is also available in limited gift boxes together with 2 pink champagne flutes – just in time for your love one on Valentine’s Day.

Lanson White Label – The first champagne in the world specially designed for experimenting with aromas.  The style of White Label is a sec (28g/l of residual sugar) and best to be chilled (7 degrees C) served in a large wine glass.  Go ahead and add mint, raspberry, orange peel etc depending on your mood and taste that day.

Coming soon – available from 9 Feb 2015



Quaffer Offer – Jan 2015

Quaffer Offer – Jan 2015

The Man O’ War story begins with a special piece of land which has a rich history. Located at the eastern end of Waiheke Island, Man O’ War is a stunning array of coastal hillsides with high cliffs and pristine beaches forming a ruggedly beautiful coastline.

It was along this coastline that Captain James Cook came to anchor during his first voyage around the islands of New Zealand in 1769. Upon sighting the ancient stands of magnificent Kauri trees ashore, Cook noted in his journals that they would make ideal masts for the Man O’ War battleships of the Royal Navy. Thus the name Man O’ War was bestowed upon this unique land.

This month we would like to introduce 2 lovely winter reds from Man O War, Waiheke Island, NZ.


IRONCLAD Bordeaux Blend
Named in honour of the 19th Century warships characterised by the iron armour bolted onto their wooden hulls, much as iron courses through the veins of our warm clay hillside vineyards.

The first in a line of early 20th century battleships bestowed with the motto “fear god and dreadnought” and embodying a supreme combination of speed and power, Dreadnought denotes our steepest and most breathtaking hillside Syrah vineyards.