wine 'n' things was born in 1993

…… where we saw a gap in the market for New Zealand wine. Consumption at that time was rather small but the reputation was growing and today we are proud to be the largest New Zealand wine importer in Hong Kong.

Of course, since those early days we have expanded our range to include excellent wines from Australia, South Africa, the United States and Chile.

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However, whilst New World wines are our specialty we do have some fantastic additions such as the world-renowned Camus Cognac and Codorniu cava from Spain.

Back in 1993 there was a concern that wine suppliers did not care sufficiently for the transportation and storage of their products and as wine lovers ourselves we wanted to be able to guarantee the condition of our wine when it arrived on the customer’s table. Transportation from place of origin to Hong Kong is specially selected and our warehouse remains at a constant temperature ensuring that all of our wines are maintained in perfect condition.

The consumption of wine has increased enormously since we started importing and distributing and yet we remain very focused and run the business on a very personalised basis.

We are still drinking well after 20 years and
look forward to what the next 10 years will bring!

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