Unico Zelo Fresh A.F. Nero d’Avola 2022 (Vegan Friendly)


Unico Zelo The River Nero d’Avola 2022 (Vegan Friendly)
Riverland, Australia

The insane water-efficiency of this variety coupled with no additions in the vineyard or winery (save for a small component of SO2 at bottling) displays the potential for this variety to craft succulent, juicy, aromatic and supremely refreshing wine. A touch of ancient vine Zibibbo lifts the aroma into supreme smashability.

Alc. 12%

Young Gun of Wine
Deep Dive: Australia’s Best Chilled Reds
June 3, 2022

“Quietly confident, this wine had an enjoyably slow and steady release of all its aroma and flavour components,” wrote Reid, placing this in her top three. “By no means a fruit bomb – this wine is cool (literally), calm, and collected; delightfully charming notes of pomegranate, fig, and damson plum bring you to its cohesive climax.”

Nicola Reid DipWSET, Manager The Spanish Acquisition


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