Grace Koshu Misawa Vineyard 2021


Grace Koshu Misawa Vineyard 2021
Yamanashi, Japan

“Cuvee Misawa Koshu” was born from the belief in Koshu’s potential, not needing to rely on conventional vinification techniques such as chaptalisation, acid adjustments and sur lie, which were deemed necessary. The wine was reborn as a new”wine of terroir” after further research – the “Koshu Misawa Vineyard”.

Koshu grapes grown at the Misawa Vineyard yield less than 30hl/ha. They are harvested separately by parcel and sometimeseven by vine, and then vinified using indigenous yeasts from thevineyard. Malolactic fermentation, which is rare for Koshu, occursnaturally, giving the wine a taste that is distinctly different fromprevious Koshu wines. With its full-bodied aroma and soft,complex depth, this is a wine that has the potential to age well.


Bottle Size: 750ml

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