First Women of Wine Festival

This month, we joined fellow businesses ran by women and celebrated with wines made by women.  Thank you to Debra Meiburg MW and her team for putting together a great evening that drew 300+ wine lovers to the festival.

We had the pleasure to present wines from 4 wineries that involved women winemaker or owner.

  1. Grace Gris de Koshu – Japan (Ms Ayana Misawa, chief winemaker)
  2. Hunter’s Pinot Noir – New Zealand (Ms Jane Hunter, owner)
  3. Millton Opu Vineyard Chardonnay – New Zealand (Mrs Annie Millton, owner)
  4. Johanneshof Gewürztraminer – New Zealand (Ms Edel Everling, winemaker)


We were over the moon to introduce Japanese Koshu to the majority of the guests.  Most were pleasantly surprised by the fresh, clean wine which offered a nice dose of healthy acidity; which just leads you to the next mouthful.  Beautiful on its own and perfect match to the freshest sashimi.

Gewürztraminer certainly has its appeal to women in particular – it’s like liquid lychee in a glass and Johanneshof is a classic!  The aroma alone teases you to take a sip and the initial fruit sweetness in fact finishes clean and very well balanced.  We all wish more people will appreciate this variety and it is the medicine to combat spicy Szechuan cuisine.  Not to mention this wine has good ageing potential.

More in pictures from the evening:

Actress & winemaker – Bernice Liu

Master of Wine – Debra Meiburg

Director of Wine, Swire Group – Yvonne Cheung

Head of our company! Lillian Haynes chairing one of the seminars with Emma Gao, Anna Thompson, Angelina Kwan