Xige N609 Red Blend 2020


Xige Estate N609 Red Blend 2020
Ningia, China

N609 pays tribute to the great moment that was the visit of President Xi Jinping to Ningxia to inspect the local wine industry on June 9th, 2020. Based on Xige’s unique <Cabernet Sauvignon + Cabernet Gernischt> blend, with the addition of Malbec, which is believed to be the future star of the Region. N609 strives to express Ningxia Terroir from a higher level and fulfill President Xi’s ardent hope for Chinese wine to be “A Marvel to the World”.

On June 9th 2020, President Xi Jinping while visiting Ningxia pointed out: “The Ningxia Wine Industry is the epitome of the country’s Wine Industry Development. Understanding the Wine Industry in Ningxia will help you understand the Wine Industry in China. With time, in 10 or 20 years, Chinese wine will become a Marvel to the World”.

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