Ratafia Rossi La Rossa


Ratafia Rossi la rossa is an outstanding aperitif cherry wine that combines Fortified Barbera d’Asti DOCG with fruit infused Italian brandy of 3 & 10 years old, produced in the heart of Italy’s historic aperitivo region, Piedmont.

“La Rossa” in Italian means red, and this is reflected in Ratafia Rossi La Rossa, as it offers an intense and bright red colour Our ratafia offers a delicate and elegant on the nose, whilst the palate is rich and delivers aroma of red fruits with a citrusy finish.

Best served chilled at 12C, Can be enjoyed on its own, on the rocks or mixed with soda or tonic water. Perfect for long drinks, spritzes , sours & Stirred cocktails. Perfect with cheeses, foie gras, fruit and any kind of desserts. 18% alc

Most important – #EnjoyAsYouLike

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