Peddlers Salted Plum Gin


Peddlers Salted Plum Gin (750ml)
Shanghai, China

Peddlers Salted Plum gin is a version of a Chinese sloe gin. It is a recipe inspired by traditional Peking flavors.  We take our award winning gin, infuse it with ingredients like salted plum, mulberry, orange peel and osmanthus, and then age it in Oloroso sherry barrels to give it a dry finish.

Aromatics of osmanthus and date overlaid with floral notes from the Sichuan pepper.

Sweetness of stone fruit balanced with salty and slightly sour notes of salted plum. Earthy tones from hawthorne, angelica, and juniper give a rich bodied mouthfeel rounding into smoked cherry and oak.

Dryness from the Sherry casks balance the sweetness of stone fruit, with vanilla notes and a creaminess to finish.

Alc. 25%

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