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Spain is a world class producer of wines, both in quality and in quantity.
Spanish wineries are known as “bodegas” and the wine makers, “bodegueros”. The bodegueros make their products from a large variety of grapes.
It’s not unusual to find the typical Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir …. but the great majority of the wines produced in Spain are completely unknown outside the Iberian peninsula.
Also the methods used by the “bodegueros” are based on the same “technology” used in other wine producing areas with of course differences in technique, storage and aging methods, etc. Thus each produces some interesting and often pleasantly distinct wines.
Modern techniques have also made their way into the bodegas. Stainless steel vats as well as controlled temperatures, during fermentation, have done much to improve the overall levels of quality.
The sparkling Spanish wines, or cavas, are clearly the leading wine export. The best cavas are produced in a variety of geographic areas, generally called their D.O. ( Denomination of Origin).