The values and expertise that created the unique and enduring style of Champagne Lanson have been handed down from generation to generation. As “caretakers” of this tradition, it is seen as a duty to pass on the traditions, while always remaining responsive to the taste of the modern, champagne drinker.

Since 1760, this has been the guiding philosophy of the successive generations that have promoted Lanson throughout the world.

Louis Perdrier is a high quality French Sparkling Wine, made from only the finest French white grapes following a rigorous selection process in the region of production and a subsequent organoleptic and tasting analysis at the cellars in Beaune.

Veuve du Vernay sparkling wine has an intimate link to the history of French sparkling wine. Mr. Jean Eugène Charmat, the French scientist, who in 1907 invented the cuve close (“sealed vats”) method of producing fine sparkling wine which has since been adopted worldwide, had a high regard for a widow in the village of Vernay who helped him to start his business. When Eugène Charmat’s son Robert created a new sparkling wine of high quality in the 1960s, he named it in honor of the lady whom his father esteemed so highly.

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