Betz Haynes - General Manager - Wine'N'ThingsBetsy Haynes – General Manager

AKA: Betz

Iconic Figure Whom I Most Admire: My parents (awww bless them)

Favourite Food: Too many!!! Raw Beef Pho (for now)

Favourite wine to serve at a dinner party: Bubbles!!! Without a doubt, Bird in Hand Sparkling Pinot Noir is a crowd pleaser, now is it the fizz factor, the rosy strawberry aroma & flavour or…did someone spike my drink??!

If I was a grape variety I would be: Seedless? No, that would mean I’m heartless!! I would be an “Old block” Shiraz at Mount Langi in Oz…overlooking the misty Grampian Mountain range in the morning and watching yellow tailed cockatoos fly by BUT most importantly….great ageing potential! 😉

Tell me a secret: Pssst…come closer…….I can tell you, but then I will have to kill you! LOL

Number 1 Song:  Virtual Insanity- Jamiroquai

Favourite Quote: “Commitment leads to action.  Action brings your dreams closer.” Marcia Wieder…other than that “Work hard but play harder!”

Most Likely to Say: “I’m hungry”

Least Likely to Say: “Sorry I don’t drink”