Bellingham The Bernard Series Hand-Picked Viognier 2019 (Vegan Friendly)


Bellingham The Bernard Series Hand-Picked Viognier 2019 (Vegan Friendly)
Cape Coastal, South Africa

Luminescent gold brushed by youthful green glimmers. Passionfruit, jasmine blossom, white pear and pineapple aromas give way to rich, spicy flavours and savory notes on the palate. Enjoy a richly fruited finish, that while full, is still refreshing and effortlessly woven with well-integrated vanilla and oak spice intrigue. The wine is a gourmet delight matching a variety of flavours and textures, particularly spicy fusion food like pork wontons, five-spice beef, honey roast duck or even traditional Cape Malay fragrant curries.



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