Bacalhôa Wines of Portugal, founded in 1922, initially held the name João Pires & Filhos. The company has come a long way in becoming one of the leading wine producers in Portugal.
In the beginning the company started with the vinification of grapes from the Palmela Region. During the seventies, Bacalhôa Wines of Portugal invested heavily in viticulture and advanced winemaking techniques, thus becoming a model company for the production of high quality Portuguese wines.
In 1998, Comendador Berardo became a major shareholder and continued to uphold the company’s mission of excellence. New vineyards were planted, investments were made to update the wineries, new estates were acquired, and the company became a partnership with Lafitte Rothschild at Quinta do Carmo.
The company owns now Quinta do Carmo; the Group Lafite Rothschild acquired some shares at Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal.
In 2008 Bacalhôa became the major shareholder at Aliança, one of the most prestigious producers of high quality Sparkling Wines, Spirits as well as table wines in Portugal.

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