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Chalong Bay Kafir Lime Rum (700ml)

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Chalong Bay Kafir Lime Rum (700ml)
Phuket, Thailand

A rare handcrafted natural fine spirit 100% distilled from pure first-press Thai sugarcane. They use a single variety sugarcane, meticulously selected among 300 different varieties. Their sugarcane is manually harvested in small scale plantations. To create a unique alliance between centuries old traditions, bringing the French distillation heritage back to the origin of sugarcane.

Alc. 40%



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Winery Profile

CHALONG BAY – Phuket, Thailand

Founded by Thibault & Marine Spithakis, blending vision and passion, their unique dream is to create truly original handcrafted rum using sustainable production that binds the traditional French art of distillation with the rich sugarcane heritage of Thailand. Using a traditional copper still imported from France and a centuries-old distillation process, Chalong Bay’s innovative craftsmanship has produced an award-winning rum of incredible character, originality and smoothness, giving full expression to the 100% natural Thai sugarcane.


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